Analytics is one the most fascinating word  among the business and Management, also known as decision science. Earlier it has closely related word, called as MIS (Management Information System), which mostly used to be  business metrics in graphical representation.

But the current Analytics is huge, because it’s every where ….right from the time when you plan to buy something, and you go and pick something from the market, and bring it home. Believe it or not… you are already a part of this subject. this is just one prospective of consumer. The same follows for the manufacturer , transporter, Marketing, Retail, Sales, Advertising etc.

This Blog is an attempt to simplify the concept through my experience of different industry and functional area of  7.5 years in three fortune 50 companies and one domestic manufacturing in india.

I put an effort to bring a combination of industry knowledge, domain experience, decision science expertise (mathematics, statistics, operations research, and econometric), and information technology to deliver best and with easy approach of Analytics.

My current work on R and building forecasting model on it will be posted soon.n.

Keep watching my post and your feedback on the quality of content is valuable.





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