3 P for Entrepreneur: persistence, perspiration, and people

Having the experience of orbited around the sun for a considerable no. of years, the distance covered so far has taught a good portion of its syllabus. While trying to do something innovative and also conventional, I decided to write on these guiding P’s, which will be your friend especially when you attempt to do something big, unusual and innovative.
There is always a order, followed by disorder and when you think differently and follow your intuition.
The 3 P’s has a great companionship with our life, especially with those, who dreams of creativity, thinking, wisdom, and using the wisdom to succeed.
Anybody who has ever become a great leader through all these 3 P also had a sense of integrity and dare to take decision and more over more ready to fail and also knows to how manage the failure.

Persistence: this fuels your body and mind, when actually there is no fuel. It keeps you going, it’s an eternal strength, willpower and your desire (how much strong) for your target.
Some body, who has not failed, he has not tried at all. Failure is the integral part of success. The strong will and eagerness to keep moving with focus on the Target is the significance of the persistence.
Perspiration: enjoy the fun of sweating; it makes you stronger every day. The one, who perspire, makes the story to inspire. It’s not a pleasure when you get into trouble while exploring options in your career and in your life, but once you come out of it bravely, that’s feeling of the instant, is just invincible. Your pain gives you an exponential gain.
People: No great objective is achievable unless you have great people in your team. Leader of the team is entire responsible for the success and failure of team. A great leader always welcomes the failure and the success equally, and he is eager to take the responsibility of the failure and when the success comes, he always shares with the team. Although these seems simple and may be not appropriate to some, but this is what distinguishes A Leader and A Great Leader.


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