Can Analytics Read Brain?

ID-100110588Analytics is about reading the meaning out of data, but what if it starts reading futuristic does and don’ts of a parson. It makes the impression as horoscope reading, but in fact this is very scientific and mathematical. Normally a person can’t be very different than what he has been doing so far, and that’s become foundation of the guess work. Multiple no. of circumstances decides our decision and those circumstances are the deciding variable behind every decision a person makes. If circumstantial variables are calculated properly, an approximation of the decision output can be estimated. This is as good as forecasting the future events or mind reading.
Inflammation is very common word, which related to infection wound, bacterial attacks and any other physical attack from outside.
But there is an also a inflammation due to mental stress, which eventually are the decision guiding variables.
The variable related to these possibly are:

  • Fear of rejection
  •  Unnecessary protection
  •  Fear of social withdrawal
  •  Counteractive
  •  Ideal ego
  •  Depression
  •  A strong desire to win and extreme fear of losing
  •  Arrogant
  • A strong desire to show power

There could be thousands of other traints coming from people with diverse background and diverse kind of experience in life. Many of  human traits are well defined in human psychology.
Machine learning and analytics or any of these advance application might seems to be famous jargon of the day, but these are basically have well research evident as old as during the time of Hitler.
The famous Nizor project, which is a Psychological Analysis of Adolph Hitler (His Life and Legend) by Harvard Psychological Clinic, New York Psychoanalytic Institute, is the evident for that.
In 1943, the Allied forces wanted to understand Hitler’s psychological makeup in order to predict, to the extent possible, his behavior as the Allies continued their prosecution of the war and to anticipate his response to Germany’s defeat. The Allies were also seeking to understand the German national psyche to gain an understanding of how to convert them into a “peace-loving nation.” This report was written for the OSS by Dr. Henry A. Murray, pre-war Director of the Harvard Psychological Clinic.
Murray explored a theory of personality in which the interplay of 20 psychogenic needs of varying strength produced distinct personality types.
This is all about getting closer to the source and accurately studying the reasons affecting the event to occur. In quantifiable environment it is easy, but very challenging if behavioral data needs to put into a psychoanalytic frame work.
Population is the market, and psychology and human behavior drives the population decision making power.


OM : The Universe voice

OM is the most basic and widely chanted word (Mantra) in Hinduism.
Hinduism ideology backed by Vedic Cosmology and tons of facts mentioned in Vedic scripture in the form of mantras and chanting are basically the very foundation of many important discoveries in the present day.
The most common and heard almost in every temple and religious place in India is “OM” is said to be the sound of the origin of the universe. The sound recorded in the deep universe resembles this sound.
As a result upon chanting, a connection gets established in between human body and nature. When body connects its origin a very strong energy is sensed through mind and soul, and that’s the moment a devotion and faith originates towards the unseen source of energy.
AUM represents many trilogies of meanings:
Symbolically the three letters embody the divine energy (Shakti) and it’s 3 main characteristics:
(1) beginning of the universe
(2) the life period of universe
(3) destruction of the Universe
AUM is the word which represents the three first forms of God:
1) Brahmaa (Creator of universe)
2) Vishnu (Operator of universe)
3) Mahesh (Destructor of universe).
As per Mandukya Upanishad:
1) The “A” stands for the state of wakefulness, where we experience externally through our mind and sense organs.
2) The “u” stands for the dream state, in which inward experiences are available.
3) In the state of deep sleep, represented by the sound “m”, there is no desire and consciousness is gathered in upon itself.
Stephen Hawking has said either we have failed to see the 99% of the universe or we are wrong about the how the universe began.
Basis of the Hinduism is based on the logic of cosmology, and the rituals are the ways to connect to the universe. As getting closer to the nature gives pleasure, and energize our body and mind, the same is applied when we chant mantras. Their syllable impacts our organs very differently and hence creates energy, cheer, and happiness inside. A human body if, controlled in a disciplined manner, it is a self sustained mechanism.
Vedas are the oldest script of science in the present days.
Pythagoras Theorem, the decimal system, introduction of Zero, the concept of infinity, Binary number system are from Vedas or the ancient Vedic literature.
The mantra not only signifies science rather they are very powerful, if chanted properly for human body.
When the mind is relaxed, your blood pressure decreases and ultimately the health of your heart improve. The sounds resonating from these take your mind and senses to their maximum productivity.

Sine Curve is you

sine curve_final

Straight is dead….. crest and trough, where joy of life lives to the fullest with optimism and pessimism. Almost everything follows a maturity cycle, and cover its own course with own challenges and magnitude of up’s and down’s.
Knowledge, Life, power to remember, behavior, curiosity, temptation, risk capability, physical strength
Almost everybody come across the above during his/ her life cycle. The curiosity to learn, explore is maximum in kids at an early stage. Whatever he finds, he tries to touch, feel, and explore. No matter whether that’s meant for him or not or sometimes things even not safe.
As a person grows and become aware of basic human traits, behavior, manners, He restricts his curiosity because his own learning in the past and maturity which he gains, biased his natural tendency to learn, and the pace of exploration eventually slows down and after reaching a level, his behavior becomes so much biased by his own knowledge that he stops exploring at all, and that is the peak of the cycle, which defines the threshold limit of a person.
Science, human behavior, and its related outcome follow a mutual discovery (they discovered each other).
Day and night during their cycle meet a point, where one is about to finish and the other one just started the journey. Knowledge at different stages of life follows the same rule. Kid and a very old person is the best friend, because one is heading above the ground zero, and another heading towards the ground zero. And both of them are very close in the cyclic pattern of the sine curve.
Even the ECG machine keep showing sine curve, when a patient is alive and fine. It follows a simple, boring straight line, once life is not there, which no body prefers…of course.
Perseverance, Physical strength, never die attitude keeps you always ready to bounce back on the sine curve. Maximum energy is required, when you have to maintain your position at the top, but no energy can keep you at the top all the time. It’s not the individual, but the cycle, which you are the part of.