Sine Curve is you

sine curve_final

Straight is dead….. crest and trough, where joy of life lives to the fullest with optimism and pessimism. Almost everything follows a maturity cycle, and cover its own course with own challenges and magnitude of up’s and down’s.
Knowledge, Life, power to remember, behavior, curiosity, temptation, risk capability, physical strength
Almost everybody come across the above during his/ her life cycle. The curiosity to learn, explore is maximum in kids at an early stage. Whatever he finds, he tries to touch, feel, and explore. No matter whether that’s meant for him or not or sometimes things even not safe.
As a person grows and become aware of basic human traits, behavior, manners, He restricts his curiosity because his own learning in the past and maturity which he gains, biased his natural tendency to learn, and the pace of exploration eventually slows down and after reaching a level, his behavior becomes so much biased by his own knowledge that he stops exploring at all, and that is the peak of the cycle, which defines the threshold limit of a person.
Science, human behavior, and its related outcome follow a mutual discovery (they discovered each other).
Day and night during their cycle meet a point, where one is about to finish and the other one just started the journey. Knowledge at different stages of life follows the same rule. Kid and a very old person is the best friend, because one is heading above the ground zero, and another heading towards the ground zero. And both of them are very close in the cyclic pattern of the sine curve.
Even the ECG machine keep showing sine curve, when a patient is alive and fine. It follows a simple, boring straight line, once life is not there, which no body prefers…of course.
Perseverance, Physical strength, never die attitude keeps you always ready to bounce back on the sine curve. Maximum energy is required, when you have to maintain your position at the top, but no energy can keep you at the top all the time. It’s not the individual, but the cycle, which you are the part of.


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